Love Knot War is  proudly NZ Designed & Manufactured with HEART X

Lovers of all things fashion…..Our passion is Simple, Sophisticated everyday wear, with shapes and styles that compliment

We are focussed on bringing you Quality garments that are Exclusive and a little unique

Introducing LKW Black Label
After 4 years in the industry of being Solely NZ designed & manufactured which we are so proud of

We found a few products we could not source fabric for & manufacture competitively in NZ after researching our options & talking to a family friend and extremely talented Vere of De Vere Textiles who has been working in the Industry for over 30yrs with experience & knowledge of making sure our product would not jeopardise our morals.

De vere textile brings you an NZ favourite label Ruby they also share our common ground of family business and morals of keeping the fashion manufacture alive in New Zealand the fit was right and that is how LKW Black Label has come to life.. our mission of our design process is still the same & as is our aim to make styles fit our clients well & make them feel confident with a slightly more street edge,
We are so excited about what we have planned for this label along side our NZ manufactured label “Love Knot War” we cant wait to start this new journey with you all

The Face Behind the Brand…

Whangamata. Situated on the southeast coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, Whangamata is a firm favourite among many New Zealanders. The beautiful beach that provides epic surfing, the beautiful walks and of course the shopping! But it is also home to Aly, the beautiful face behind Love Knot War.

Aly grew up in Whangamata and has always been surrounded by talented sewers. Both her grandmother and her mother have played a huge part in her love for fashion and sewing and Aly would spend many days designing and making clothes for her barbies on her grandmothers sewing machine. She loved the feeling of designing and creating a garment and how it can make you feel. She created many different outfits in her time – at 15 she made a bikini with matching accessories for a fashion competition. White flares and a big white fur coat? Ball gowns? Even PVC pants for her and all her friends! You name it, she made it.

At 16, she sadly experienced the tragedy of losing her best friend to cancer and with that, all her passion went out the window. Life happened and while she was pregnant with her youngest, Harper and experiencing a few curve balls which basically meant sink or swim, her passion for designing and creating came back. In the form of baby clothes! She started making little merino outfits, hooded tops and pant sets which eventually grew to full collections and in no time, women were asking if she could make some into adult sizes. She created and played around with a few pieces for herself, put them online and they took off! Love Knot War has now tripled in size and they work out of a manufacturing business where the garments are designed, patterns are made, cut out and sewn, then packaged and dispatched.

Aly is inspired by colours, patterns and fabrics. She is a visual person and once she sees and touches fabric, the designs start coming to life in her head. Basically fabric stores for her are the equivalent to one of my children in a candy store! One of her hugest inspirations is her mother who works hard, is incredibly humble and the strongest women she knows. The name Love Knot War was an apt name for the particular season in her life at the time. Aly is a mumma to 3 beautiful children and her family are a huge part of her life.

So there you have it. A little bit about the face behind the name. I hope you are all encouraged by Aly’s story.

When something bad happens, you have 3 choices. You can either let it define you. Let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.

💖 “Always choose love”

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LKW  xx